May Meeting 2017

A big thanks to Walter Curry and the Westchase Marriott for Hosting, Gary Shoemake with Mooring USA for Sponsoring and Debra Anthony with NBIZ Magazine for bringing it all together. Also Josh Wilburn with Charlies Plumbing for Sponsoring a Table Top presentation.

We had a great Lunch of Barbecue Sausage, Beef & Chicken. All the iced tea you could drink and pecan pie for dessert. 

Gary's presentation was about Hoarding. It seems we all knew or were related to someone who could be a Hoarder. 

Engineers who attended; Doug Aaron (the Magnolia Hotel Houston), Adam Zarate (MST Greystar), Abraham Escareno (Jones Lang LaSalle), Arturo Reyes (Montebello Condos), Bill Dembski (Four Seasons Hotel), Danny Rodriguez (MetroNational), Kendall Koopman (Spire Realty), Kevin Johnson (Caddis), Ovidio Cantu (Villa D'Este), Tommy Mitchell (Houstonian Hotel), Walter Curry (Westchase Marriott).

Thanks to our vendors for the Great Give Aways. FireTron, TD Industries, Voss Lighting, Ballou Fire, ICBS & Charlies Plumbing.