June Meeting 2019

This Months Meeting, was held at the Spring-Hill Suites, in downtown Houston. Our guest Speaker was Frank Billingsley, Chief Meteorologist for Channel 2 News. His Topic was the 2019 Hurricane Season.

I would like to thank Debra Anthony of NBIZ Marketing for all her hard work Marketing & setting up all of our Meetings. Thanks always to Mike Zacharias & Chris Tubbs with Cougar USA, for providing Name Tags for all of our Events.

Thanks to Sam Kandiyoti & Chris Johns with Fulgore Construction for Sponsoring our Guest Speaker.

Thanks to Our Table Top Sponsors were Carrie Bell with Cotton Industries, Jessica Arnold with Blackmon Mooring & Joel Mills with Voceon 2-way Communications.

Building Engineers who attended;

Abraham Escareno (JLL), Abraham Escareno (JLL), Adam Zarate (Trinty Properties), Alex Medina (Embassey Suites), Anthony Gibson (Transwestern), Charles Jones (Courtyard/Residence Inn/Springhill Suites), Chris Sejman (Hyatt Regency Downtown), Danny Rodriguez (Metro National), Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel), Florin Moza (Marriott), Kendall Koopmann (JLL), Ovidio Cantu (Villa D’ Este Condos) Pat Sanchez (UT Health), Pawel Dunin-Majchrowski (Omni Galleria), Saul Escobar (Wyndham Medical Center), Tommie Mitchel (Houstonian Hotel) & Bill Dembski (Retired)

Our great Vendors who attended;

Andy Elmore (TD Industries), Joe Sellers (Desertview Services), Richard Holmes (Liquid Waste Solutions), Kimberly Colberg (JR Jones Roofing), Travis Nelson (Siemens), Laura Espinosa (Siemens), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Joey Salter (Mooring USA), David Register (Mooring USA), Jim Kij (Home Depot Pro), Jessica Arnold (BMS Cat), Lori Zimmerhansel (Versacor), Richard Kraus (Firetron), Sarah Wolfe (RPC), Chris Junemann (Tower Performance), Mitchell Campbell (Roessler Equipment), Vince Howard (APS) Chris Leach (APS), George LaChance (Roessler Equipment), Frank Foster (TPI), Scott McKenzie (Voss Lighting), Bob Zedaker (MLN), Cesar Cespodes (Magna Flow Enviromental), Denie Floeck (Servpro of Bear Creek)

March 2015 Meeting

A big thanks to Bill Dembski and the Four Seasons Hotel for hosting march's Meeting. The Lunch and service was outstanding. Our Speaker was Bo Woods with Hochiki. Hochiki is a manufacture of Life Safety Equipment.  I want to give a big thanks to Bob Ziediker of MLN, Royce Burgins of Fire/Water Services & Joe Corbin of Firetron for the door prizes that were given out.

Engineers attending included; Doug Aaron President of the HEA, Tony Barcelo of ParkPlaza Hospital, Ovidio Cantu of the Vila 'D Este Condos, Arturo Reyes with the Montebello Condos, Scott Hammand & John Baker with Wedge Properties, Jon Easley with the Doubletree Allen Center, Larry Lyda with WW Contractors, Danny Rodriguez with Metro National  & Bill Dembski our Host with the Four Seasons Hotel.

Associate Members attending; Joe Corbin with Firetron, Royce Burgins with Fire/Water Services, John Hinkle with Way Companies, Eric kennedy with Tower Performance, Donnie & Martha Weiland, Andy Elmore & Kyle Putnam with Goes Heating Systems, Judy Parker & Matthew Decker with HD Supply, Richard & Linda Luce with the RW Luce Company, Wendy Reinach with ICBS, Alan Wilson with RB Hash, Ernesto Agundiz with AV Contractors, Vic Caso with TDT Plumbing & Allen Lopez with the Stack Lighting.

More pictures on our Face Book link.

January 2014 Meeting

January’s Meeting was a Luncheon sponsored by the HEA and Hosted by the Magnolia Hotel. The meeting was held in the new Sterling Ballroom. A deli lunch with soup and salad was served. Our Guest speakers were Will Rubio & Carl Buxton with ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas. Their presentation was Elevators 1.2.3. Old and New business was discussed. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Barbecue Cook-Off was discussed. The dates are Feb 27, 28 & March 1.  Friday February 28th will be HEA night. Vendors may purchase tickets to attend. (For more information talk to Tony or Doug).

Eric Kennedy discussed the 2014 Engineering Appreciation Day Event.  More information about the Event will be posted on the www.acoe.net website & the www.hea2000.org website.

HEA Members that attended: Doug Aaron (President HEA), Victor Saldivar (Magnolia Hotel), Tony Barcelo (Park Plaza Hospital), Gordon Hensley (Sheraton Suites Galleria), Ovidio Cantu (Sheraton North), John Baker (Sheraton Suites).

Associate Members that attended: Richard Holmes (Trademark Consulting) Audrey Holmes (McCrory Engineering), Thomas Adeyemi (McCrory Engineering) Calley Pace (Way Company), Larry Jones (Way Company), Kathy Baba (Coit), Shawn Primeaux (Blackmon Mooring), James Elford (ICBS), Eric Kennedy (Tower Performance), Debra Anthony (NBIZ), Ricardo Alba (Johnstone Supply), Kim Woods (Hillyard), Bryan Carey (Hillyard), Ivan Rudiger (Eagle First) & Vic Caso (TDT Plumbing.

1st time  Associate Members who attended: Michele Whitebread (Power Vac America), Bob Zedaker (MLN Services), Mark McDaniel (Control Products), Ken Jamail (Classic Protection Sys), Shane Franklin (Shermco).

Pictures from the event are posted on the  FaceBook link.

October 2013 Meeting

Our Meeting was held on October 17th at the ZaZa Hotel. We would like to thank  Jessica Husk and Shawn Primeaux with Blackmon Mooring for Sponsoring our Meeting and Maurice Benazeraf and the ZaZa Hotel for Hosting our Meeting. We were in there new converted Meeting space and everything was very good. What a very cool room, lots of decorations and most of the work was completed in-house by Maurice and his staff.

The following HEA Members attended: Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel), Randy Gaudet (Retired), Tony Barcelo (Park Plaza Hospital), Chris Richardson (Palisade Palm), Victor Saldivar (Magnolia Hotel), Maurice Benazeraf (Hotel ZaZa), Dennis Wingo (CBRE), Pat Sanchez (UofH).

Associate Members Present: Reji Farrar (Johnstone Supply), Ivan Rudiger (Eagle First), Alex Salazar (Johnstone Supply), Eric Kennedy (TPI), Reed Hughes (Southern Ice), Cedric Johnson (City Clean Solutions), Vic Caso (TDT Plumbing), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Donnie Weiland (Tingue Brown), Jessica Husk & Shawn Primeaux (Blackmon Mooring).

Guests: Alan Wilson (R.B. Hash), Pat Moody & Marcus Mathews (Elite Roofing).

September 2013 Meeting

I would like to thank Ricardo Alba & Johnstone Supply for Hosting & Sponsoring this month's meeting. The HEA meeting was held at the 501 N. Shepherd Dr. branch. This was their first time hosting the meeting and we’re grateful to all who were able to attend. For those members who were not able to attend, we look forward to seeing you at the October meeting scheduled to be hosted by Jessica Husk & Blackmon Mooring.

Special thanks goes out to our guest speaker, Nelson Pinero of ICOR International who did a stand up job of speaking on the topic of Replacement/Alternative Refrigerants for today’s HVAC and Refrigeration systems.

HEA Members attending: Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel, HEA President), Tony Barcelo (Hilton Post Oak), John Baker (Sheraton Suites), Saul Escabar Wyndham medical center), Tony Morille (Villa D'Este), Walter Curry (Marriot Westside), Arturo Reyes (Montebello) & Randy Gaudet (retired).

Associate Members attending: Vic Caso (TDT Plumbing), David Regester (Belfor), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Eric Kennedy (Tower Performance), Jessica Husk (Blackmon Mooring), DeAnna Wells (RSI), Edward Alderete (FSG), Debra Anthony (NBIZ0, Tim Slaughter (ICBS) & Ivan Rudiger (1st Eagle Elec).

August 2013 Meeting

This month's Meeting was a Luncheon hosted by Greg Branum and the Houstonian Hotel. As always Lunch was very good. Our Guest Speaker was Vick Caso with TDT Plumbing. Vick highlighted their new flexible coating. Also a new quick drying epoxy coating.

First time attendees included Jessica Husk (Blackmon Mooring), Tim Slaughter (ICBS), David Regester(Belfor property Restoration), Jared Adds (Tingue Brown), Jose Hernandez (SFP) & Michael Pittman (GWL Realty Advisors).

July 2013 Meeting

A big thanks to Bill Dembski and the Four Seasons Hotel for hosting our July meeting. Bill maintains a great Hotel. The meal and service were excellent. Thanks to Reed Hughes of Southern Ice "www.southernice.com" for providing our Guest Speaker. Mark Selander with Pentair "www.everpure.com" gave an informative presentation on the benefits of having proper water filtration to your Ice Machines, Coffee/beverage stations and Cooking Equipment.

First time Guests were Will Rubio & Carl Buxton of Thyssen Krupp Elevator Service, Kris Spicola of Briggs Equipment, Kathy BaBa of Coit Restoration, Thuy Truong with American Title, Stephen Fearar with Simplex Grinnell and Aly Valiam with New Horizon Hospitality.

HEA Members present were: Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel), Tony Barcelo (Hilton Post Oak), Victor Saldivar (Magnolia Hotel), Bill Dembski (Four seasons Hotel), Mike Chalen (Four Seasons Hotel), Randy Gaudet (Battleship Texas), Ovidio Cantu (Sheraton North), Saul Escabar (Wyndham Medical Center), Larry Lyda (WWW Contractors) & John Baker (Sheraton Suites).

HEA Associate Members present were: Vic Caso (TDT Plumbing), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Jim Elford (ICBS), Maggie Utsey (Pieper Electric), Kim Woods (Hillyard Inc.), Jeff Hisan (Pieper Electric), DeAnna Wells (Restoration Services Inc.), Debra Anthony (NBIZ Magazine), Reed Hughes (Southern Ice), Randy Woodcock (Waldmachers Restoration), Ivan Rudiger (Eagle First) Donnie Weiland (Tingue Brown), Lori Zimmerhanzel (Auto-Chlor Systems) & Ricardo Alba with Johnstone Supply.

There are more pictures on our website "www.hea2000.org". Click on our FaceBook page.

May 2013 Meeting

We want to thank Gary and Jeremy Phillips, of Lone Star Pump Repair and Service (281) 689-8138, for sponsoring our May Meeting. This was a social event, with lots of networking, between Engineers and Vendors. Pictures located on our Facebook page.

Members attending: Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel) President HEA, Danny Rodriguez (Metro National) President ACOE, John Baker (Sheraton Suites), Frank Lopez (Hyatt Regency), Saul Escobar (Wyndham Medical Center), Eric Kennedy (Tower Performance), Scott Martin (Scott Equipment), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Frank & Wilma Williams, Ivan Rudiger (Eagle First), Richard & Audrey Holmes, Ryan Collins (Southwest Engineers), Cedric Johnson (City Clean)