October 2013 Meeting

Our Meeting was held on October 17th at the ZaZa Hotel. We would like to thank  Jessica Husk and Shawn Primeaux with Blackmon Mooring for Sponsoring our Meeting and Maurice Benazeraf and the ZaZa Hotel for Hosting our Meeting. We were in there new converted Meeting space and everything was very good. What a very cool room, lots of decorations and most of the work was completed in-house by Maurice and his staff.

The following HEA Members attended: Doug Aaron (Magnolia Hotel), Randy Gaudet (Retired), Tony Barcelo (Park Plaza Hospital), Chris Richardson (Palisade Palm), Victor Saldivar (Magnolia Hotel), Maurice Benazeraf (Hotel ZaZa), Dennis Wingo (CBRE), Pat Sanchez (UofH).

Associate Members Present: Reji Farrar (Johnstone Supply), Ivan Rudiger (Eagle First), Alex Salazar (Johnstone Supply), Eric Kennedy (TPI), Reed Hughes (Southern Ice), Cedric Johnson (City Clean Solutions), Vic Caso (TDT Plumbing), Richard Luce (RW Luce), Donnie Weiland (Tingue Brown), Jessica Husk & Shawn Primeaux (Blackmon Mooring).

Guests: Alan Wilson (R.B. Hash), Pat Moody & Marcus Mathews (Elite Roofing).